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Canadian Designers Wow at Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week #WMCFW

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If I had a dollar for everytime someone made a gif of me…


I’d have $1.

But so cool, right? And totally not awkward at all to stand and pose for four shots ALONE while strangers IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD MASTERCARD FASHION WEEK WRAP-UP EVENT wait in line and stare at you.

Not weird at all.

Totally cool.

Cool gif from my evening at the World MasterCard Fashion Week wrap-up event, Saturday, October 25, 2014 in Toronto.
Because it’s all about the gif at #WMCFW

To recap, yes, I was alone. I was graciously given two sets of tickets for the World MasterCard Fashion Week (#WMCFW) wrap-up event by my friend, Heather Hamilton, thanks to Target Canada, but I was hard-up for a Saturday afternoon date, so I attended alone.

Because ALONE TIME in TORONTO, people!

However, sometimes life deals you unexpected surprises, so imagine my shock when, as I’m cornering Tracy Moore of Cityline, who had just finished hosting the 5pm runway show, for a photo, I hear my name.

Fun photo with Cityline's Tracy Moore, who was positively radiant in this ensemble at #WMCFW in Toronto, October 2014
I went with the red-eyed look with Cityline’s Tracy Moore, who was positively radiant in this ensemble, at #WMCFW

Next thing I know I’m hugging a blast from the past. Sharon, whom I had last seen perhaps a lifetime ago, and with whom I had reconnected on Facebook (imagine that) six years ago, somehow recognized me amid dim lighting and crowds of people! Such a small world!

Bumping into childhood friend at #WMCFW in Toronto.
Connecting with a dear childhood friend, Sharon, at #WMCFW

Sharon introduced me to her two friends and the four of us chatted over coffee, toured the displays and shopped for designer-wear. I was instantly drawn to the simple lines of Winnipeg-based designer, Lennard Taylor. This mild-mannered, self-taught 28-year old only began his sewing career six years ago! I don’t even think I seriously looked at any other clothes.

Up-and-coming Winnipeg designer, Lennard Taylor, at Toronto's World MasterCard Fashion Week #WMCFW in October 2014
Chatting with Winnipeg-based designer, Lennard Taylor at #WMCFW

My splurge item was a long and loose four-looks-in-one bamboo tank by Lennard Taylor. I couldn’t resist snapping this selfie and even had Lennard sign the clothing tag. Because he will be famous and hitting up Paris and Milan runways one day, people! Thanks, Lennard!

Sharon and I returned to watch the 8pm runway show which was essentially the same as the previous one except with a full crowd and a wardrobe change for Tracy Moore. Here is a glimpse (regretting not bringing my ‘good’ camera) of some Spring 2015 designs. And, yes, I was slightly obsessed with Maison Matthew Gallagher‘s peachy-pink skirt and charcoal jersey top. It had pockets, people!

Once again, thank you to Heather and Target Canada for an exciting night on the town. While I may have begun my fashion adventure solo, and happily so, my evening blossomed into one that included old and new connections and was topped off with a lovely dinner with a dear childhood friend and some really fun memories.

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