OneDay Instant Movie Maker is a free app that is so fun and easy to use. Check out this review at
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Capture Life’s Moments Like a Boss with OneDay Instant Movie Maker App

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OneDay Instant Movie Maker is a free app that is so fun and easy to use. Check out this review at http://diaryofadomesticdiva.comAre you a gadget guru? I am.

A photo fanatic? Oh, yes.

An app aficionado? Yup.

Then you are going to love this.

Ok, listen. I am a huge fan of capturing life’s sweet, funny, quirky moments. I have four kiddos so I know first-hand that time goes by mind-blowingly fast which makes holding onto those special, laugh-out-loud moments even more important.

I suppose that is why I am such a huge fan of photo and video apps: capturing life’s moments on the fly with my phone is so easy. In fact, during university I got teased by my friends every time I’d whip out my camera (see, in the 1990s we didn’t have smart phones; we used old-fashioned cameras…with film…gasp!): “Oh, there’s Erica with her camera again. Cue the rabbit ears.” Fast forward 20 years and I’m whipping out my iPhone instead. So when I stumble on a fun new app, it’s like a party in my phone. Plus I tell everyone I know.

And now I’m bringing the party to you! This week I tried out the OneDay Instant Movie Maker app. Available for both iOS and Android users, this app comes ready-to-use with pre-loaded themes, each with a series of questions. The kids and I had a blast with it. You choose your story, select the questions and hit record. If you’re feeling particularly bold, turn the lens on yourself! Once you’re done, the full video is ready in seconds with music and transitions. Seriously. No editing. You just made a video like a boss. Simply download/upload to your favourite platform and voilà!

Scroll down to check out the Valentine’s-themed video below which I put together with my kids, complete with outtakes, because — and you know I’m right — those are the most fun. Plus, I have a special treat for you after you download the app.

It’s as easy as one…






Now, just hit Play!


And you’ll get something like this. It’s raw, it’s honest, unabashed fun.

I promised you a surprise: as a special gift to you simply for trying out the OneDay Instant Movie Maker app, you are eligible to enter to win a $150 Visa gift card! I can’t wait to see your videos!

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