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    All About Lice & How to Get Rid of It: The 2016 Update

    Lice. There, I said it. Lice, lice, lice, lice, lice. Are you squirming and uncomfortable? Feeling itchy all of a sudden? Got your attention, though, didn’t I? Got my attention, too. In a horrible, no good, very bad way. I admit that my second reaction (the first being to quell the urge to vomit) to seeing bugs crawling in my daughter’s hair was completely selfish: “Why is this happening to me?”, especially on a night when my husband wasn’t due home for hours and I had a full evening of kids and work lined up. Then I realized that this wasn’t happening to me, it was happening to my eight-year-old daughter, who, I must say, has…

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    Heart of the matter

    Today a woman I’ve never met, Heather, and her family had to say good bye to one of their three children. She and her husband have three sons. Their three year-old son, Zack, himself a twin, diagnosed with genetic deletion, a congenital heart defect and global delay, faced an uphill battle from the moment he was born. But today will be the biggest challenge his family will face, one that, as a mother of four, including twins, I could not fathom. You can read about Zack’s journey here. I am familiar with Heather’s, and therefore Zack’s, story for two reasons. First is through the world of Twitter, which has exploded…