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    Where did Fun Mommy go?

    I get that this window of time between after-school and dinnertime is fragile -- kids are tired after a long day of exercising their brains, they're crabby and hungry. But I feel like there has to be a secret to making the transition from school to home a little more FUN and a little less FML.

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    Summer of Love, Beat Bugs and a Little Netflix

    {Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!} All You Need is Love… and Summer I’m going to be straight with you: Netflix got put on hold this summer. For that matter so did my writing — and for that I’m sorry! We had an epically hot and sunny season which meant long walks to the library, splash pads, pool days with friends, mini golf and even bowling. And on my craziest of busy days, stuck in the office, I urged the kids to get busy with books, games, bikes, basketball, scooters and Wii Dance. Yes, I am that mom. I am the mom that is late to the…

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    Got Kids? 15 Activities for (Mostly) Free Summer Fun!

    Oh, hey! Sooo…not to freak you out or anything, but KIDS ARE ALMOST DONE SCHOOL! There’s a whole other conversation to be had about how I’m going to navigate summer with the addition of a new from-home job, but in the meantime, let’s talk how to entertain the kiddos with free (or next-to-free or won’t-break-the-bank) summer fun! Outdoor Summer Fun It’s summer. The whole point is to GET OUTDOORS. While some of these activities are a no-brainer, sometimes we ALL need a reminder to go outside and play. Go for a family bike ride. Yes, you, too, Mom and Dad. Of course, if your kids are old enough to bike…