• How are moms sneaking in their favourite Netflix shows? Find out here! #streamteam
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    How Moms Sneak Netflix

    In the realm of motherhood, anything goes. Anything. Which is why the different ways moms sneak Netflix into their days should come as no surprise. Consider it Mom Code for “sanity break”. In fact, tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar when you’re trying to catch up on the past three seasons of Orange is the New Black before the spoilers for the new season plaster your Twitter feed. (And then scroll down to see how I sneak in my binge-watching.) Bathroom Sneak There is no shame in the mom-bathroom-bingeing game. Catching up on The Crown while literally sitting on the throne will have you looking forward to those…

  • When you're running a 10K and have 3 weeks to train. Oops. http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com
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    A 10K run and 3 weeks to train

    I write because I love the feeling of challenging my thoughts. I run because I love the feeling of challenging my body. To be clear, I'm not in the big leagues, or even the little leagues of either of these, but I have a certain passion for both. A passion that ebbs and flows, shifting not with the tide but rather with my mood and my arthritis.

  • How to #FuelYourAwesome and Recharge Your Goals with Bulletproof
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    How to #FuelYourAwesome and Recharge Your Goals

    I feel like I owe the last two months an apology: “Dear 2017, I’m sorry it only took me two months to undo what it took me nearly six months to achieve.” Sigh.  In what can only be described as a blur of stress, sleep-deprivation and thick-headedness, I have been operating on 50% power for the last several weeks. My tank has not been nearly full enough for some time and guess what? Not only am I feeling it hardcore, but my kids are sensing my impatience and my husband is noting my absence. Ugh. And I was doing so well. All through the Christmas break I had the cravings in…

  • Once a cheater... Fess up, have you cheated on your sig other with...Netflix? I know I have! http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com
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    Confessions of a Netflix Adulteress or How Cheating Made My Marriage Stronger

    The cheating started out innocently enough. One episode here. A few more there. Betrayal. Deceit. Before I knew it I was a full-blown Netflix adulteress. Back when I was in the throes of baking day and night, I needed a distraction and my music playlist just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So when, on our anniversary four years ago, my husband gifted me an iPad, it was like the heavens parted. Since then, Netflix has been my steady late-night companion and I have been maniacally binge-watching ALL THE THINGS. But it was my husband who cheated first. “She was all, ‘Once a Cheater, always a cheater.'” In the famous Friends scene between…