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    Everybody Has a Story. What’s Yours?

    Your story. My story. Everybody has one. Each of us hopes for a happy ending and, let’s face it, we all could use a little more light in our days. I find this to be especially true after a week that left my heart heavy. Truth be told, I’m feeling a little scattered so I thought I’d leave my thoughts here. Finding the Light in the Dark On Monday I learned that a former schoolmate, someone I’d known from junior high school through to university, had taken her own life. I had long ago lost touch with her but the shock I felt was palpable. I can’t pretend to understand…

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    Erica Vlogs – Part 2: Reality Snack Bites

    Grown-up snack wars. It’s a thing. It’s the battle that ensues in the middle of the afternoon when you’re hankering for something bad-but oh-so-good and instead convince yourself to be all healthy. Face it: reality bites. Or, rather reality snack bites. Today I didn’t eat lunch for some reason — distracted, much? — so I’m feeling rather peckish. So now I find myself resisting the urge to throw myself into the bag of peanut M&Ms. But I won’t. Because adulting is full of these tough decisions. Trust me, I know the drill. Don’t Let Reality Snack Bites Bite You in the Arse Instead, I make sure that I have a bunch of bite-sized,…