My Christmas OCD

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My Christmas OCD always comes out when it's time to string the lights.


I may have ever-so-slight holiday OCD.

In general, I have certain control issues. Some might call me a perfectionist. However, in matters of home decor, with Hurricane Kiddo (times four) blowing through, day and night, it’s hard to keep the house in an above barely-livable state at any given time. It’s safe to say I’ve learned to ‘let go’ a little of that need for perfection over the past eleven years.

But not at Christmas.

Now I’m no Martha Stewart and my house will never grace the pages of House and Home, but at Christmas there’s a place for everything and everything has its place. Especially the garland and lights. Which have to be placed just so. (OCD, people.) Of course that means that it’s on me to do the decorating because otherwise I will obsess over the bows in the wrong places or the garland not placed just so.

Which is exactly what happened today. My husband thoughtfully hung the garland on the banister while I was at work. And immediately I began scrutinizing it. Why are the bows all askew? Why is it wound all weirdly around the finial. Why is the garland not fluffed up?? Nothing makes sense!

I actually began to unwind the garland to fix it, obviously. But then I decided to just step…back.

I stopped. I walked away, you guys!

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s still a hot mess. And I’ll still feel all fidgety walking up and down the stairs.

Thankfully, wisely, my husband refrained from hanging the outside garland and lights!

And don’t even get me started on the tree lights.

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