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Cottage Vacay ~ Day 2: Hot Tubs, Hangovers & Pink-Eye. Oh, my!

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It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and finally there is a hint of sunshine.  The day began rather hazy (infer what you will from that last comment.)  As I struggled to unglue my eyelids I realized there was a little more going on than the remnants of a late night of wine, Mission Impossible and hot-tubbing.  Conjunctivitis, more commonly referred-to as Pink Eye.  In both eyes.  Really, though?  How the BLEEP did THAT happen?  Especially since I practically bathed in disinfectant yesterday.


So, off goes my wonderful husband to locate a pharmacy for the Polysporin drops that I didn’t think to pack ‘just in case’.  Silly me.  Even better, he came back not only with the blessed drops but chocolate, too!  AND Dollarama bags full of stuff to entertain the kids for five minutes on a bleary afternoon.  Love that guy.

It was unfortunate that the lay of the land was not conducive to letting the kids out to play.  Thought we’d have more outdoor time than we actually did. So, here we sit beating the middle-of-the-afternoon doldrums working on puzzles, feeling the breeze come in through the screen doors and enjoying the simple moments.

Oh, but that’s not all.  No, we also awoke to a pool of water leeching through the carpeting in the dining room on the other side of the kitchen counter.  Sigh.  Slapped a bath towel on it.  And then another.  And another.  It seemed to get progressively worse and we couldn’t figure out the source.  By the next day it started to dry up, but not before hubby and I skidded across the kitchen a few times after stepping in the wet spot (wearing rubber-soled Crocs) and then having our foot fly out from under us on the vinyl flooring.  Once, I actually went down.  Hard.  What else could go wrong?

Despite the cool air, the kids were still all for taking a dip in the lake.  Not I.  My husband was the sacrificial lamb, so to speak.  I think he got the better deal since I had to contend with the spider from Hell!  I caught sight of this beast when we first came down to the dock just after my eldest jumped in the water.  I saw this huge black thing scramble under the planks.  Basically I spent the rest of the time just sitting, unmoving.  Scanning.  Waiting.  So when I saw it emerge I moved like lightning!  I was all Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!  It was like slow motion:   turned slightly to grab my husband’s Croc and then spun around and SMACKED that sucker DEAD just as it was about to disappear under the dock again.  HA!  But so, so gross!  I couldn’t even work up the courage to scrape it’s remnants into the water lest they brush against my kids’ skin.  Eww!  And all the while no one else noticed anything amiss.  Figures.  I’m like the unwilling spider whisperer.  Or maybe it’s that I have spidar.   Whatever.  Why do *I* always have to be the one to see these guys.  I’d gladly not have to contend with these anxiety-inducing creatures.  This is a photo of a similar-looking spider.  No joke.  See the furry legs and body?  Just sayin’.

I later saw another big spider (but much smaller compared to the dock spider) IN the cottage and then lost sight of it.  Never did find him.  Hope he didn’t hitch a ride home with us.


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