Jump into fall with a fresh outlook. Time to hit "reset" and declutter those spaces you've been neglecting all summer!
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Fall Decluttering: Home Office Edition

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I sit. Staring blankly at the screen. Avoiding the oh-so-necessary fall decluttering of my office space. I steal glances over at my Instagram feed looking for…what? Inspiration? Distraction? Oooh! A Facebook notification!

Procrastination at it’s finest, folks.

My bladder (which has never been the same post-pregnancy) is about to explode but I’m forever trying to get just this one more thing done before I waddle off to the bathroom. And, currently, this one more thing is “banging out a blog post which is long overdue.”

Jump into fall with a fresh outlook. Time to hit "reset" and declutter those spaces you've been neglecting all summer!
“Fall decluttering” is the new “spring cleaning”.

Let me catch you up.

I’ve had a busy week, including two events in downtown Toronto — a rarity for me so, of course, I went. (Because FOMO in full effect.) My “day job” has been a bit of a gong show lately so I’ve been putting in extra hours there. Oh, and those four kids hanging around with their assorted needs and things.

My brain power is maxed out. Creativity and inspiration are about to hit rock bottom.

{OMG I just SNEEZED. Which, ordinarily would be NBD but I’ll refer you to paragraph 3, above. BRB.}

Yesterday was the first day of fall. And though it feels more like mid-July, I feel like this is the perfect time to reset-and-refresh. Ironically, I wrote about hitting the reset button at this time last year. This year, it’s less about a health-and-fitness reset, though, and more about a clear-the-crap-out reset.

More specifically, watch this.

Guys! I legit need to do this! Any helpful tips or offers of coffee will not be turned down. So…who else is ready to jump into fall decluttering mode?

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