Show Dad some love and enter to win this awesome Father's Day prize pack from! @ericablogs
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This one is for the dads {Father’s Day Giveaway–Winner Announced}

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Nine years ago (yesterday) my twins were born — on the day before Father’s Day. My husband became a dad three and four times over that day and our lives became crazier yet so much richer. In the weeks, months and years since their arrival rounded out our family of six, my husband has embraced fatherhood full force. So I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the dads out there who do so much, to my own dad, who has been my rock for 43 years and to my husband in particular.

Show Dad some love and enter to win this awesome Father's Day prize pack from! @ericablogs
We got pretty lucky with this guy.

The first time my husband (we’ll call him “Jeff”, because that’s his name) cooked for me, we were in the early stages of dating. There was no turning back. His chicken parmigiana has since become a staple of our weeknight meals, often a lifesaver on busy nights. (Remind me to share the recipe with you one day soon.) His meals are legendary, as those who have feasted on his Sunday night dinners will tell you. It is remarkable to witness how his joy of cooking has extended to our children. They appreciate really good food, as evidenced by their requests for lobster and filet mignon for their birthday dinners. (Apologies to future boyfriends and girlfriends.)

Not only is he a great filler of bellies, Jeff is king of the laundry pile. He can also shop at Costco without having to remortgage the house — a skill I have yet to master. And he handles the lawnmower like a boss. I can not, however, vouch for his plumbing skills.

Our children will drop what they are doing to run into his arms when he gets home from work. He handles the barrage of, “How was your day?” and, “Wanna play catch?” rapid fire questions with relative patience after an hour-long commute.

He pops popcorn and puts on amazing snack spreads for movie afternoons. He’ll suit up the crew and take them on a 5K-10K bike ride and like it. Need an opponent for a game of Checkers, Connect 4 or Mastermind? He’s your guy.

And officially he has now been a coach to each of our four kids. Our youngest daughter waited patiently for her turn and this year was her year to have her Dad coach her soccer team. You guys, you would have thought we had told her we were going to Disney World by her reaction when he told her. She threw her tiny arms around him and cried tears of joy. Those are the moments.

So, for those moments, we thought dads deserved a shout out and some Dad Swag of their own. Scroll down to see who won this fun giveaway!

Show Dad some love and enter to win this awesome Father's Day prize pack from! @ericablogs

I’ve put together some of my husband’s favourite things (also my favourite things that I’m sure dads will love.)

I recently picked up a henley shirt for my husband from Running Room which he loves (score one for me). So I picked up this moisture wicking Men’s Contrast Long Sleeve shirt which will go to the lucky winner.

In a slight turn, I have personally become a fan of O’Keeffe’s Foot and Hand Creams which Jeff bought for me. Basically, it is the miracle cream for dry and peeling skin. It’s the shizzle.

And what’s dad time without a cuppa joe from Starbucks? Gift card for the lucky winner! (Sorry men, no beer, this time.)

One of the prizes I included may be new to many of you. The Yanky is the Original Sport Hanky and was generously donated by my long time friend and founder of Yanky Sports, Ryan. You may have caught me on Instagram, touting it’s snot-absorbing qualities. Pretty sure any sports fan will find a use for this multi-purpose hanky, whether it’s to blow your schnoz or wipe your balls (their tagline, not mine!)

Thank you to everyone who showed the dad in their life a little love by entering to win this awesome prize pack valued at $110! Congratulations to Florence Cochrane, winner of this gift extravaganza!



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