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The First Sick Day and She Be Like…

Barely a week into the new school year and we have our first sick day squared away. Welcome back to school! Pardon us while we spread our germs around and contaminate your children.

When your 'sick day' looks like this. #wordlesswednesday
Just taking a sick day, as one does.

Fourteen hours before this photo was taken, she got out of bed, whimpering,

“Mommy, I just threw up in my bed.”

My inside voice yelled, “No! Ewww! No, no, no, no, no!” But my outside voice did that calming thing that Mom voices do and I went into hyper-parent-mode. Bless her heart.

We would go a second round before she finally settled for the night around 2am. By morning she was fine but we did our due diligence and kept her home the requisite 24 hours before sending her back to school.

Sick Day? What Sick Day?

This kiddo was a trooper. She entertained herself while I worked. We chatted and laughed. She asked for chicken soup and ate it all. We went for a walk and felt the sun on our faces. She skipped. I smiled.

It was a rough day, as you can tell. <3

When your 'sick day' looks like this. #wordlesswednesday
Sick days be like…

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