How to #FuelYourAwesome and Recharge Your Goals with Bulletproof
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How to #FuelYourAwesome and Recharge Your Goals

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I feel like I owe the last two months an apology: “Dear 2017, I’m sorry it only took me two months to undo what it took me nearly six months to achieve.”


How to #FuelYourAwesome and Recharge Your Goals with Bulletproof
Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bites. Refuel anytime. Anywhere.

In what can only be described as a blur of stress, sleep-deprivation and thick-headedness, I have been operating on 50% power for the last several weeks. My tank has not been nearly full enough for some time and guess what? Not only am I feeling it hardcore, but my kids are sensing my impatience and my husband is noting my absence.

Ugh. And I was doing so well.

All through the Christmas break I had the cravings in check — holiday baking and all; I was powering through work, getting 10,000 steps a day and even got caught up on my sleep. I was a frickin’ rock. And then? I don’t know. Was it my birthday? The craziness of work? Hibernation mode? Whatever the catalyst, since falling out of my daily routine, I notice I’ve lost my mojo. Gonzo. No mo’ mojo.

Weeks of late nights have been wreaking havoc on my system. Late morning starts mean everything gets bumped. My workouts are later, shower is later and next thing you know breakfast is nearly at noon. My daily routine is completely out of whack. I’ve been snacking more throughout the day and into the evening on whatever is handy, saving the ‘best’ for after the kids have gone to bed. After all, what kind of parent would I be if I paraded candy in front of them while forcing them to eat carrot sticks? I’m not a monster, for crying out loud.

I do believe in balance, though: bags of kale chips and coconut snacks and the three remaining strawberry Starburst — which will be gone before the end of this post — fight for space on the last spare corner of my office desk. The wastepaper basket boasts an empty Easter egg package and it’s only February. It’s a snackapocalypse.

Not only is my penchant for late-night snacking out of control, but, aside from my daily 15-minute WLFM workout (thank goodness for this!) I’ve also let many of my healthy routines falter. Depending on who you speak to, they (whomever they are) say it takes anywhere from 21 days to two months to form a habit. Presumably this refers to forming a good routine since it only seems to take a 3-pack of Creme eggs to break that habit before having to start all over.

So annoying.

How to #FuelYourAwesome and Recharge Your Goals with Bulletproof
Collagen Protein Bites and Dark Chocolate, oh, yeah!

Bulletproof Will #FuelYourAwesome

There’s little more demotivating than working hard to achieve a goal only to self-sabotage. Seriously, though, this situation requires a major get-your-s***-together intervention. This is when having the support of community and the right resources to fuel your goals means everything.

As a member of the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto for over 18 months, I know that, no matter what, my Tribe has my back. But I’ve felt a bit hypocritical when, despite doing my daily workouts, I haven’t been following through as closely on the dietary recommendations of the program. Now I have no excuses.

Thankfully, with more than just coffee in its repertoire, Bulletproof has the goods to #FuelYourAwesome from morning till night. As a brand ambassador, I had a chance to unveil the latest in Bulletproof snacks in a recent live unboxing on Facebook. The cheesy excitement level was all too real and even had me referring to a storage canister as ‘cute’. Cute.

Beyond the Coffee

Since running out of coffee, I have been using Bulletproof Brain Octane® Oil in smoothies, on toast, in oatmeal and in salads to help power me through my days. And now I can enjoy the same quality fat in the Collagen Protein Bites, anytime, anywhere. Whether as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or to stave off sugar cravings in the evening, as a post-workout energy boost or grab-and-go snack, the Collagen Protein Bites, which come in Vanilla Shortbread and Fudge Brownie, as well as the Lemon Cookie Collagen Protein Bars are convenient and so yummy. The ingredients are delicately processed at low temperature to preserve their natural flavours to ensure you get the maximum nutrients in every bite.

And the Chocolate Fuel Bars which are made with the best organic, raw Upgraded Chocolate Powder and Cacao Butter and sweetened with non-GMO xylitol, mean I can get my chocolate fix without the sugar! I may have acted a little too excited about this, though, so now my kids are curious about Mommy’s new ‘treats’. Even my husband hasn’t dared indulge without invitation. I suppose I’ll have to share. In the meantime you can order your very own here.


“This sponsored post is brought to you by 3cConsulting; however, the opinions expressed herein are completely my own based on my personal experience with the product.”

Please note some products are only available from the U.S. store which ships to Canada.

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  • mommymomentblog

    I’m so thankful for the bulletproof snacks! I always have one in my purse just in case. I’m so glad they taste so good…. Mmm fudge brownie!

  • homewithaneta

    I fell off too. Dear lord February is the worst for me. We have Valentine’s day, my birthday, family day, my brother in laws birthday and another celebration all in one week. IT WAS BRUTAL. Monday is a new day for me though!.

    • Erica

      Same! Except we have a two-week window between one birthday, Valentine’s and another birthday. There is still leftover cake taunting me. My water consumption has tanked, too. Just gotta get back on track. Yay for Mondays!

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