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Mother-Daughter Glam Time at Glama Gal Tween Spa (sponsored post)

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*This is a sponsored post and as a Glambassador I have received compensation as a result. However, all opinions expressed herein are my own.

Glama Gal Tween Spa. If you haven’t taken your tween daughter there yet, let me tell you: she. will. love it.

As part of its Glambassador program, I was recently invited to visit the Newmarket, ON location with my 11-year old daughter, Hannah, to experience a relaxing evening which included a manicure, pedicure, and mini cucumber mist facial. I actually had been to Glama Gals before, with both of my daughters, for the Mother’s Day spa day back in May, but this most recent visit was much quieter, relaxing and enjoyable as I got to spend some rare one-on-one time with my eldest.

A young girl's dream! Glama Gal Tween Spa in Newmarket
What a fun place to host a birthday party!

The first thing you notice when you walk in the door is the sea of pink and sparkly chandeliers. There is no shortage of glam. Soaps and bath bombs in shades of pastels that look good enough to eat and tween-inspired cleansing products line the white shelves. You are warmly welcomed, offered a bath robe and flip flops and ushered into the back to a beautifully-laid out table for a sweet treat before beginning your treatments.

Sweet treats. Glama Gal Tween Spa in Newmarket
Sweet treats are a part of every visit.

On this particular visit, I had the opportunity to meet Newmarket’s franchise owner, Glam Boss, Elizabeth Buslovich, who happily chatted about her move from traditional desk jockey to entrepreneur. While having our mani-pedi’s, the young staff members were equally as outgoing and engaging as they asked my daughter about her likes, hopes and dreams with genuine interest, the conversation never wavering.

Say hello to Elizabeth Buslovich, the franchise owner of Glama Gal Tween Spa in Newmarket, and two of her lovely employees, Delaney and Felicia.
Franchise owner, Elizabeth Buslovich and two members of the Glama Gal team in Newmarket.

This is a sentiment that is carried throughout the Glama Gal experience. In fact, as you make your way to the back, you will pass the Glama Gal Sisterhood Oath which reminds young girls to “hold my head up high with a smile on my face, Remember my beauty is from within and that you cannot replace.” The different stations are peppered with pink signs like “Be Fun Ave” and “Be Confident Pedi Ave”. It is an atmosphere not only of sweetness and fun but of positivity and encouragement.

The Glama Gals Oath is a great reminder to young girls to believe in themselves. Glama Gal Tween Spa in Newmarket
The Glama Gal Sisterhood Oath

The ambiance at Glama Gals is bright, cheery and inviting. If you have a daughter I highly recommend a visit to a Glama Gal Tween Spa. There are activities and events for girls of all ages as well as mother-daughter specials year-round.

In the words of my daughter, Hannah:

Glama Gals is a fun place to go to and the people there are really nice. You can never not be happy when you go there. The staff asks you really thoughtful questions that make you think about the inner you and let you see all the positive things about yourself. There are never any awkward silences and they even give you ice-cream and cupcakes! If you want to have a mani/pedi I find this place is 100% more fun than your everyday spa!


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