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Hairstylist Woes? Not if Fame Can Help It!

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Just because I’m in my *cough* forties *cough*, work till the week hours of the morning on a regular basis and feel like I got hit by a bus most mornings doesn’t mean I have to LOOK it. While I wish I had my own personal hairstylist — don’t we all? If only for the hair washing alone — the twice-annual visit to the salon is about the extent of my ‘pampering’.

Time for a new 'do? A great hairstylist that understands your needs can make ALL the difference.
Just because I’m in my 40s, have 4 kids and work till all hours doesn’t mean I have to LOOK it.

I’m No Unicorn

Because my visits to the salon are rare, when I get my hair done, it’s a bit of a thing. I was late to the hair colouring party, only experimenting with the most subtle of highlights in my mid-twenties. Gradually, over time, I’ve gotten a little bolder (not unicorn bold, but bold enough for me) taking my naturally dark locks several shades lighter. However, that look does not look cool with an inch and a half of roots showing and the blonde looking a little too beachy for a 42-year-old mom in the middle of apple-picking season.

So I called Fame International Salon & Spa, my favourite Aveda spa in Aurora. I discovered, though — and not for the first time — that because of my irregular hair appointments, hair stylists come and go. I should add that I was the very first customer at Fame when it opened in Aurora and for several years Sean used to cut my hair until he changed careers.

Since then I’ve been floating from one stylist and salon to another, never quite finding a fit. When I returned to Fame last spring I was very happy with the stylist I had but when I phone to book an appointment with her it turned out she was no longer there. I would have to start fresh with somebody new to me.

I Found a Hairstylist, Can I Keep Her?

Enter: Nora. Now, I have had some major hits and also misses when it comes to hair stylists, but I will tell you that I’ve never had one so attentive. Nora advised me that, especially it being our first time together, that she would be asking a lot of questions in order to make sure we were on the same page. I think she nailed it. Patient, professional and funny, she even offered up her iPhone cable so I could charge my phone! How else could I Instagram everything for you guys?

The video fun continued as I was leaving the salon. You know that saying, new hair don’t care? Yup, I didn’t care that I looked silly, talking to myself or whether or not someone would catch me tossing my hair around like a bubbly teenager and snapping a selfie. Why? Because there’s also the saying look good feel good. And I say if you’ve got good hair, toss it, shake it out and show it off! Besides, it won’t look like this by morning so I’m going to enjoy it.

P.S. I’ve had my fun. I will not use ‘on fleek’ again.

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