One mom talks about 'letting go' this Halloween as her kids become more independent.
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Halloween 2015: Let it Go

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As many of you race to throw up pictures of your kids decked out in their Halloween garb all over social media, I decided to take a moment and reflect upon some of the growing up that happened in our household in the days leading up to — and including — this October 31st. And then I’ll throw up the requisite Halloween 2015 photos.

One mom talks about 'letting go' this Halloween as her kids became more independent.
This was the extent of my pumpkin-carving duty. Sigh.

Letting Go

In the words of Queen Elsa: Let it go. And there was some big letting go on Halloween this year. For starters, we had left our pumpkin-carving till the eleventh hour — as in: the eve of Halloween. Generally I am on pumpkin-carving duty; my husband guts the squash and, after the kids select their ‘rating: difficult’ stencils, I set to work, mind-numbingly carving meticulous patters for hours.

So I was less than thrilled at the prospect of my Friday night being spent hunched over smelly pumpkins, hands cramped, wine glass smudged with slimy orange bits.

One mom talks about 'letting go' this Halloween as her kids become more independent: including carving their own pumpkins.
Watching my kids carve their own pumpkins was the BEST.

Something ridiculously cool happened this year, though. My kids, aged 7 through 12 all carved their own jack-o-lanterns! Every last one! I gutted them and assisted in drawing on the designs with a Sharpie — designs which I had previously downloaded from, printed and cut out. (SO much easier than using that pokey thing!) Then they set to work. With all the carving tools set out in front of them, I heard barely a peep as they carved away.

It was a beautiful thing to witness. And no slimy smudges on my wine glass!

The Tween Scene

Then tonight the inevitable happened. The tween flew the coop. She and her bestie went out trick-or-treating by themselves (as a pair of creepy-ish dolls). And guess what? They were just fine and dandy, thankyouverymuch. It was strange though, seeing her run off, without me, as I headed in the opposite direction with the other three.

One mom talks about 'letting go' this Halloween as her kids became more independent.

I remember that feeling, though. The independence of it all. All at once my heart burst with happiness, as I mentally ticked off another milestone, and also ached with sadness at the realization that my little girl — who, at 12 years old is nearly as tall as I am — is not so little anymore. I imagine there will be many more moments like these in the months to come as I come to terms with letting go a little more each time.

Here Comes the Rain Again

If I had a dollar for every time the weather sucked on Halloween…well…I’d have about $35.

One mom talks about 'letting go' this Halloween -- as her kids become more independent -- and not letting the Canadian weather get her down.
My crew: Pirate Skeleton, Elsa, Steve & Creepy doll in part of my grade 9 prom dress.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to be prepared for Canadian Halloween weather. This could mean snow, frigid temperatures, rain, above-average warmth or all of the above in the span of 27 minutes. Costumes must be adaptable for any eventuality: rubber boots, gloves, jackets, you name it. Not much sense in getting all annoyed about the one thing out of our control, am I right? The weather is the ultimate in letting it go. Or, in our case, going with the flow. Just pack an umbrella.

Despite Mother Nature’s antics, c’mon, you have to admit: Halloween on a Saturday night, even with rain, pretty much rocks.

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  • Joan

    We sang your song here too this year sista! Let it Go, relax, enjoy – and I did not fight them on the outdoor wear and, instead, let THEM go trick or treating until they got cold and learned the lesson for themselves. Except they didn’t get cold because it was pretty nice and they were, in fact, dressed warmly enough. So there, Mom!

    • Erica

      Thanks for stopping by! I love the variety of stencils your site offers. Something for all ages. I love that the tradition has been passed over to them. 🙂

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