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Happy Anniversary to Us — 15 Years and Counting

When I got married I don’t recall ever really giving much thought to the future in any certain terms. I mean, I imagine I thought we’d travel, have a family and grow old together; but beyond that, I never had specific goals for the ‘big’ anniversaries. Well, actually, I remember thinking that at the 10-year anniversary mark I would like to renew our vows but that never happened.

After 15 years, still going strong.

My parents made it to their 25th anniversary before my mom passed away and so I guess that’s like my ‘goal to beat’. But I’m not one to wish my life away–not even on the worst, most trying, most difficult days. I prefer to live in the moment, as it were. And tonight living in the moment┬ámeant getting off of work at 7pm, walking over to the LCBO for champagne and Shoppers for a card before heading home. Because what do you buy a man for an anniversary gift these days????

After 15 years, still going strong. http://diaryofadomesticdiva.comMy husband, in true form, had gotten home fed the kids and prepped us a lovely meal of raw oysters and tuna tartar with avocado — two of my faves. My beaming 8-year old pounced over and couldn’t wait to show me the beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed fuschia-coloured roses (a first in that colour) that she had helped to pick out. The familiar ‘Pandora’ gift bag sat amongst an even more familiar pile of kid paraphernalia. This guy of mine has all the right moves.

After 15 years, still going strong. http://diaryofadomesticdiva.comWhen I asked my eldest daughter to come and take a picture of my husband and me she began to clear away the clutter on the coffee table. But I stopped her; I wanted to capture the reality of the moment. Because, guys, this is the reality of 15 years: it is finding Beyblades and Pokemon cards strewn around the living room. It is stepping on Lego and unmade made beds. It is crumbs and short tempers and laundry.

But 15 years is also all kinds of wonderful. It is family and love; laughter, eye-rolls and breakfast smoothies. Fifteen years means watching your children grown into themselves. It means contentment and muffintops and beach vacations. It is understanding without speaking and knowing that this is the best of it all.

Happy anniversary to us.

Erica writes with humour and heart about family, #fit40s and living life in the carpool lane. Part-time banker by day and Netflix-addicted-cake-decorator by night, Erica's in-between time is spent dreaming up ways to ruin her kids' lives. Obviously.


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