Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of Kathy Smart's Live the Smart Way Cookbook! Over 90 delicious recipes for gluten-free & wheat-free cooking!
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An Interview with Kathy Smart

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In the past 14 months the sustainable lifestyle changes I have made have led me to viewing fitness and nutrition in a very different — much more vibrant — light. As a result, I naturally gravitate towards individuals and companies with a similar mindset or vision.

I’d like to introduce you to one such individual: Kathy Smart.

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I first met Kathy at Blissdom Canada in the fall of 2014 prior to my health epiphany when my focus was less workout-of-the-day and more which flavour of Ben & Jerry’s am I going to demolish tonight? At the time I don’t suppose I thought we’d have reason to cross paths again.

Fortunately, my health priorities have shifted so when I heard Kathy’s Live the Smart Way EXPO — an EXPO featuring over 70 healthy lifestyle exhibitors, delicious and nutritious food samples, on-site exercise tips and the first such event of its kind in Canada — was coming to Mississauga, I had to check it out. This would also give me an opportunity to reconnect with Kathy.

Who is Kathy Smart?

The first thing that strikes you when you meet Kathy is her infectious smile. However, as someone whose health struggles began at the age of four, first with the diagnosis of multiple food allergies, Celiac disease at the age of 12, then rheumatoid arthritis, this wasn’t always the case.

“People might sometimes make blanket assumptions about me without knowing my story. They don’t realize that I’m dealing with my own health issues.”

Struggling to find healthy and flavourful dietary alternatives before the dawn of the internet when such things were far from mainstream, Kathy recalls her mother having to drive an hour and a half from home just to find ingredients like chickpea flour. Kathy confesses her mounting frustration.

“By the time I was 18 or 19 years old I had such severe anxiety that I thought: ‘This is it. I’ll just be living with my parents in this house for the rest of my life.’”

This is in stark contrast to the energetic, vivacious woman zipping around the EXPO on a motorized scooter, flushed and chatting excitedly with the exhibitors as she makes her way from one booth to the next.

Work, Work, Work

Kathy’s resilience has been tested over the years and she confides that keeping busy helps get her through the tougher moments. Well, that and the support of her husband, Brad.

A registered nutritionist, fitness trainer, and holistic chef, Kathy risked it all five years ago in order to publish her first Live the Smart Way Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free Cookbook (now in its second edition).

“Back then there were no books. There were no cooking shows.”

On the heels of her first publication, she created a gluten-free cooking show — an unprecedented concept at the time. Since then, her career as a Gluten-Free Expert has taken off, culminating in launch of the first Live the Smart Way EXPO, which is making its way to major cities across Canada in 2016.

“The idea for the EXPO came to me about 12 years ago. In a sauna! I wanted people to have a happy place.”

Today Kathy effortlessly engages audiences worldwide, travelling as far as Bali and Italy to speak about the hot topics of health and wellness, and making regular TV appearances across Canada.

Smart Mission

Kathy’s mounting success stems from one simple mission: to teach people how to heal themselves through food — much as she did. Her goal is to guide people in their quest for wellness through proper food and exercise choices by arming them with clear information and resources.

What is it about Kathy’s message that has struck such a chord? Well, for starters, her brand, The Smart Way, is a culmination of solid education, stellar timing and charismatic delivery. More than that, though, it is Kathy’s ability to connect to her audience that is deeply impactful — we immediately relate to the story of how she learned to manage her health issues and not let them control her. Essentially, she views each obstacle as an opportunity to not only improve her own health, but to help improve the life of others.

Everybody Has a Story — Including Us

It’s interesting to me that The Smart Life journey began five years ago because that was about the time my eldest son, now ten years old, was diagnosed with food sensitivities — chief among them wheat. In the spirit of keepin’ it real, though we are mindful, we do not follow a strict wheat-free protocol in our home. That being said, that first year we went kind of hard core and the options were very limited (and expensive) especially where taste was concerned. My sweet kiddo put up with all manner of dry, bland, hard bread, bagels and tasteless snacks, but we persisted.

At the time, I had to scour the internet and nervously took my chances on many gluten-free recipes, hunting down rice, tapioca and oat flour at my local Bulk Barn. Now, of course, companies have caught on to the increased demand for such products and there are entire sections in grocery stores devoted to gluten- and wheat-free meals, snacks and ingredients making it a virtual free-for-all.

However, when it comes to cooking meals that are healthy and nutritious and actually taste good, it’s comforting to cook from a recipe that someone you trust has created, tested and approved. And if you’re in doubt about ingredients, Kathy recently opened up an award-winning online gluten-free store which includes her own gluten-free food line!

Smart Cooking

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of Kathy Smart's Live the Smart Way Cookbook! Over 90 delicious recipes for gluten-free & wheat-free cooking!
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When I spoke with Kathy she shared with me that the hands-down favourite recipe from her cookbook is the one for High Protein Pancakes.

“They are my absolute favourite! Protein Pancakes and peanut butter!”

Five ingredients in the blender and you’re done! And who doesn’t love pancakes?

Live the Smart Way, is filled with over 90 delicious gluten- and wheat-free recipes. Most of the recipes offer a Smart Fact and, in addition to the nutritional analysis, each has Recipe Highlights: indicators like simple and quick, dairy-free or low glycemic to help you better plan your meals.

Guess what? We wanted you to start cooking so we gave away TWO AUTOGRAPHED COPIES. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners — CONGRATS, RHONDA & KRISTINE! — pick up a copy the next time you’re at the bookstore. It’s a must for anyone looking for fantastic, easy and flavourful gluten- and wheat-free recipes.

Meet Kathy at the next Live the Smart Way EXPO!

Want to meet Kathy? The Live the Smart Way EXPO is making its way across Canada! Check the full schedule here and see when Kathy will be be in your city.

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