My Top 6 Picks for Leading Men of Storybrooke
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My Netflix Addiction: Once Upon a Time’s Top 6 Leading Men

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Full disclosure: I have a Netflix addiction.

Most recently, I have been binge-watching Once Upon a Time. Perhaps it is my penchant for all things fantasy but I don’t know how I let this show pass me by on TV because it has grabbed me. Hook (literally). Line. And sinker. I’m all caught up to Season 4 so, warning: there may be some vague spoilers.

Brief synopsis: Once Upon a Time is, essentially, a show about real-life fairy-tale characters trapped in the present-day town of Storybrooke, Maine, with no recollection of their former selves. It is the belief of Henry, a ten-year old boy, and a surprise visitor, that ignite the return of magic, gradually bringing together past and present, with potentially dire (and fun-to-watch) consequences.

Now, as we all now, every fairytale has a villain and a hero, and in the case of Once Upon a Time, there is no lack of leading man material, whether he be a prince or a scallywag, dashing or quick-witted. So, just for fun I decided to put together my top six picks for leading men:

The Good Guy (played by Josh Dallas, and real-life love to Ginnifer Goodwin)

Once a mere shepherd, David is all-but-forced to replace his twin brother, James (who was raised as a prince by King George) after James’ over-confidence gets him killed. By order of the King, James’ death is kept secret and David, now known as Prince James, saves the kingdom. Before he is set to marry another, however, true love draws Snow White to her Prince Charming. After all, who could resist that bravery and boy-next-door sweetness? Charming may seem too good to be true but those smoldering-good-looks make you want to watch him wield his sword. Again and again.

The Swashbuckler (played by Colin O’Donoghue)

I am hooked on ‘Hook’, I mean look. At Hook. Captain Hook, née Killian Jones, (who once hooked up with Rumplestiltskin’s wife and now wants to get jiggy with Emma, Rumple’s son’s baby momma and also the grown-up daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White) is more Captain McSwooney than Pirate McDoomy. Sigh. That disheveled, rugged, devilish handsomeness. Plus the accent. And those EYES! They almost make you forget he has a hook for a hand.

The Trickster (played by Robert Carlyle)

Rumplestiltskin (aka Mr. Gold and father to Baelfire, aka Neal) sure knows how to turn a phrase. Haunted by the loss of his son, Rumple channels his grief by using his sleight of hand and silver tongue to wreak havoc and make everyone around him miserable. Rumple is not your typical leading man, but if Belle can see through that evil façade, then surely, he can’t be all bad, Dearie.

The One Who Got Away (played by grown-up Michael Raymond-James)

Baelfire (aka Neal Cassidy, Emma’s baby daddy and Rumplestiltskin’s son) leaves the world of magic as a boy, his father too cowardly to go with him. After a stint in Neverland, he returns to the streets of New York, growing up to be a street-wise, former criminal-turned-hot-daddy. Returned to his magical roots and remembering his former love, we kind of want to cheer for him and Emma, but then, Hook. Sorry, Bae.

The Lion-Hearted (first played by Tom Ellis then recast, now played by Sean Maguire)

Robin Hood (Robin of Locksley). This is one re-cast that was bang-on. Perhaps it’s that he is a single dad or his lion tattoo; maybe it’s the whole ‘rob from the rich to give to the poor’ thing or that his scruffiness rivals Hook’s, but MAN, Robin oozes a sex appeal all his own. Through a twist of fate he is brought to Storybrooke as himself, as was Hook, neither of whom has a present-day alter ego. What is even better is watching him fall in love with the questionably-reformed Regina.

The Believer (played by Jared Gilmore)

The youngest leading man, Henry Mills, is the key to Storybrooke’s existence and survival. He is the son of Emma and Neal, adopted son of Regina (the Evil Queen), grandson to Snow White and Prince Charming and Rumplestiltskin and is responsible for awakening the story book characters from their curse. Did you get all that?

Have someone else you would add to the list?

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