How to make it a Netflix and bone-chilling Halloween.
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How to make it a “Netflix and bone-chilling” Halloween

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The countdown to Halloween is ON. That’s right, October is winding down — can you believe it? Given that summer basically began in September, it’s crazy to think November is little more than a week away.

However, being Canadian, we adapt quickly, as evidenced by the near-overnight takeover by a zombie apocalypse trailing orange and black decorations around the neighbourhood. Before you know it, we’ll be singing along to Christmas carols on the radio as we ready for hibernation.

But, hold on, let’s not get ahead of ourselves; there’s still lots to do before visions of sugarplums invade our senses. Namely: all the scary things.

Don't miss the premiere of Stranger Things' Season 2 on Netflix October 27!
Don’t miss the Netflix Season 2 premiere of Stranger Things on October 27th!

Well, mostly scary things.

Halloween is that all-ages holiday-not-holiday where anyone can be anything — from the cute and cuddly to the frightening AF. Treats are free for the asking — provided you’re in costume — and tricks may have you scraping pumpkin guts off your front porch, courtesy of those hoodie-wearing, pillow-case-toting teens you turned away last night because no costume, no candy.

But for those whose love of all things pee-your-pants-scary extends beyond this one night, the influx of Netflix Halloween-inspired programming leading up to October 31st is a Scream Queen’s dream!

So whether your version of Netflix and bone-chilling, includes a screening of Super Monsters with your wee ones or a marathon session of Stranger Things, Season 2, here’s what you’ll need for a spook-tacular TV night.

5 Things you’ll need for a Netflix and bone-chilling night

  1. Costumes. Get into the fun — and in character — by dressing up as your favourite Halloween TV or movie character.Just hanging out, watching Netflix, with your zombie teen.
  2. Jack-o-lanterns. Add carved pumpkins with flameless tea lights and dim the lights for added ambiance. Who's carved out time to carve pumpkins for Halloween? Great decorations!
  3. Snacks. Put out an assortment of Halloween treats ranging from chocolate to chewy to crunchy. These roasted pepitas from those pumpkins you carved would complement your kids’ candy stash beautifully.Sorting candy post-trick-or-treating is tradition.
  4. Google. That’s right. Have your phone in the palm of your hand for those mid-episode burning questions. Kids ask the darndest things and the oddest times. Keep your family TV time moments intact with Google in the palm of your hand.
  5. Free Netflix. Head on over to Instagram @ericablogs for a flash giveaway to win a free 3-month Netflix subscription for you and a friend so you don’t have to binge watch alone! But hurry! Giveaway ends on 10/24/17 at 11:59pm PST.Don't miss the premiere of Stranger Things' Season 2 on Netflix October 27!

The Upside Down, Eleven & Eggo waffles!? There’s still time to binge Stranger Things 1 before Stranger Things 2 launches October 27! Also, check out these fun family Halloween favourites. Or, if you’re in the mood for something creepier, scream your way through these titles. Happy haunting!


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