Netflix vs Shomi: Home entertainment gets some competition
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Netflix vs shomi™: There’s a new kid in town

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Of Netflix and iPads

In a time when TVs are getting bigger and better and fancier, here I sit, tucked into the corner of my living room, in my (sort of) cozy armchair, Mac on my lap and iPad balanced precariously beside me, watching…

wait for it…


Oh, I’ll occasionally pull up another app to catch up on a recent episode of the odd program I semi-follow on TV. But inevitably I’m plugged into Netflix. The good ol’ Canadian version. On a teeny iPad screen.

Netflix vs Shomi: Home entertainment gets some competition

And I like it.

Like, a lot. As in, I binge-watch.


And while I could watch Netflix on my TV, let’s face it: the basement is chilly and booby-trapped with LEGO. Also, this way my husband can catch up on his sports down there, which is pretty much the only reason we even have any regular channels anymore.

Is Netflix Content Lagging?

To date I have been plenty-satisfied with the selection of TV series and movies on Netflix Canada. And I’m a huge fan of the Netflix Original Series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. My only complaint is not having all the up-to-date seasons of TV shows, like: The Good Wife, Homeland, Mad Men, Once Upon A Time and Beverly Hills 90210 forcryingoutloud. [hint, hint]

Also, this summer I made the mistake of getting hooked on Sons of Anarchy whilst visiting the U.S., a series which is not available on Netflix north of the border. It’s times like these I wish we had access to more varied and current content.

shomi™ Poised to Enter Canadian Market in November

Missing TV seasons and lack of variety in content available to its Canadian subscribers vs its U.S. counterparts are chinks in the Netflix armour that competitors Shaw and Rogers saw, quite possibly, as a window of opportunity. Enter their joint venture: soon-to-be released shomi.

shomi is scheduled to launch the first week of November and will initially be available to Shaw and Rogers internet and TV customers, accessible on tablet, mobile, online and through Xbox 360.

shomi™ Cost: On Par With Netflix

shomi will be priced on par with Netflix’s monthly fee; and while it will offer 340 TV series, 1,200 movies and will boast 30 per cent Canadian content, the question is: will that be enough to woo Netflix subscribers?

I’m actually excited to try out shomi, if only to catch up on Sons of Anarchy, but there is no way I’m giving up my Netflix.

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