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There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Flip Flops

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In case you missed it, it’s winter, here, in Southern Ontario. It’s true. Facebook says so. Also, in case you missed it, we Canadians love to opinionate on the subject of the weather.

If it’s not too hot, it’s too cold. Or too snowy or not snowy enough. It’s too dry. Too wet. Too humid. And then suddenly you’re Monica channeling Diana Ross and Oh, mah GAWD, my HAIR! Am I right?

As much as I love boots-and-sweater weather, I can't wait to dig out my flip flops and hit the beach!
“Because life is better in flip flops.” Or at least sunnier.

Anyway, it’s winter and I’m over it. Seriously. Listen, I have been making the most out of this season, going for daily walks, ice skating with the family (that one time), shoveling the driveway (twice — but the snow was really heavy) and catching snowflakes on my tongue. But let’s move this along. I am ready to ditch the layers — even my coveted tall boots — and embrace all the pretty(ish) things that sunshiny days bring.

Things like maxi dresses and mosquitoes. Brightly-coloured capris and sticky ice-cream cones. Flowy shifts and sweat stains. Cute hats and eye-stinging sunscreen. Pedicures and funky tan lines from those flip flops — one in every colour. (You know this is true.)

Ladies, it’s confession time.

How many pairs of flip flops do you own? Come on. Let’s hear it.

I have five. Plus four pairs of ‘other’ sandals. So that’s nine. Nine pairs. And last I checked I only have two feet.

Drives my husband bananas. (The same husband who wears flip flops to shovel the snow.)

Do you need these?
Yes, I wear them in the gym shower. (Never mind I haven’t been to a gym in over a year…)

What about these? (Dangling the neon yellow flip flops in front of me.)
Yes, they match that one shirt.

And these?
Ummm…yeah. For Canada Day.

These? (He sighs, holding up the pretty pink and orange pair.)

They each serve a purpose. Am I right? Lucky for me, flip flops don’t take up much storage space because in a family of six, shoes seem to breed.

And while I’m hardly an authority on fashion (I’ve been know to leave the house with my pants on inside out) I have been known to put together a ‘look’, or at the very least, wear two shoes that match. Which is why I’m sorta crushing on these über fabulous, sassy black flip flops from Girl Two Doors Down which would totally go with everything.

Shop these fabulous black flip flops at
Fabulous flip flop photos courtesy of

Flip flops are a summer wardrobe staple. And these are like the designer little black flip flops version of the little black dress. I mean, did you see the pair with crystal Martini glasses? (Equally as sassy in red, by the way.) Fabulous. Or the blinged-out-butterfly flip flops? Available in flat and platform styles!

I’ve always thought of flip flops as pretty casual footwear but how fun is it to be able to dress them up? And as if the bling weren’t statement enough, my inner smart-ass loves the sarcastic little quotes on the inside of many of the styles. Just like that your flip flops have become a conversation piece. How fun would it be to have the job of dreaming up those little jems?

Which style would you pick?

I have my eye on the sassy, dirty Martini black flip flops. And since it’s still winter for, like, another bazillion weeks, think of all the time I have to shop!

*This post was written as part of a blogging challenge. I received no compensation and all opinions expressed herein are my own.


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  • Jean

    I’m in Vancouver, and flip flops aren’t just a summer staple here! They’re also great for rainy spring days that are too warm for rubber boots but too wet for anything involving socks (I hate squishy socks).

    That said, I currently own a paltry two pairs of flip flops, one of which is falling apart, and the other that I found washed up on the beach in Tofino (gross? Probably, but they’re cute and they were free, so …). I’ve got my eye on a few of the GTTD ones – it’s probably time to class up my collection 🙂

    • Erica

      See, I would have thought Vancouver would totally be flip flop weather! And you found a pair washed up on a beach?! Hilarious! Let me know which GTTD ones you pick out — aren’t they fun? (Plus some good sales happening!)

  • LG

    Flip flops are comfortable. But I think when people wear them to church, nice restaurants, and every single day, it looks sloppy and lazy.

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