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New ‘do, New You

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Getting your hair done just simply makes you feel good.  Closing your eyes and reclining while someone else washes your tired locks and massages your scalp is akin to waking up after the best 12 hours of sleep ever.  It is relaxing and invigorating.  And getting a great cut and style can leave you feeling downright glamorous, even in your Lulus.  In fact the most stressful part of this near-orgasmic experience is actually finding, not only the right salon, but, the right stylist.

Meet Shaun.  Shaun is the über-talented Styling Director at Fame International Salon and Spa in Aurora, ON.  (Shaun is also a little camera shy).  Lucky for me, Shaun is not scissor-shy.  I’ve been a regular client at Fame since it opened; I was, quite literally, their first customer and the owner, Andy (Shaun’s dad, as a matter of fact) cut my hair that first time.  Part of the reason I’m smitten with Fame is that it is an Aveda salon and Aveda stole my heart back in Montreal.  My stylist then was Trent.  The place was Tonic (hold the gin).

My low-maintenance 'Before' look

While I don’t get my hair cut very regularly (maybe every three months—can you tell?) I have discovered that when it comes to my kind of stylist (and I think this goes back to my ‘Trent’ days) there is just a different rapport with the men that I enjoy more so than with the women.  Perhaps it is my personality, in that I’m not a chit-chatty-small-talk kinda gal, that turns me off of most women stylists whose barrage of questions leaves me feeling a little exhausted.

Now, I’m not above relationship-building with my stylist, but I’m there to de-stress my tresses, not talk about the kids from whom I’ve just escaped!  As you may have noticed, as a general rule, men are not big talkers, and this suits me just fine when I just want some quiet ‘me’ time; time to just shut down, close my eyes and let someone else pamper me for an hour.  Don’t get me wrong, when I see Shaun, we’ll ‘catch up’ but then we get down to business.  After discussing how short I want to go (or not) he whips around my head, expertly cutting and shaping and blowdrying and brushing.  He even offers up tips on how to DIY (just how well I execute these tips remains to be seen.)

I leave feeling rejuvenated and ridiculously happy.  I mean, just look at this cheesy ‘check-out-my-‘do’ grin!

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