Nine Things I Learned at BlissDom Canada ’12

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The whirlwind weekend of October 20th that saw BlissDom Canada ’12 leave its imprint on Toronto for the third straight year, despite zombies trying to steal the show, left me feeling tired yet inspired. I’ve seen some fantastic blog posts over the past week from fellow attendees that captured so many moments perfectly. This is my take after attending this epic social media conference for the second year in a row.blissdom canada 2012

Nine Things I Learned at BlissDom Canada ’12 (in no particular order)

  1. I have a comfort zone. And I stepped out of it. I am SO incredibly self-conscious when it comes to walking up to someone and introducing myself, especially to those celebrity types. [Insert nervous horsey laugh here.]
    Bonus: You just might make a new friend IRL.

  2. Roommates are fun! And practical, say, when you lose your room key. Also, sitting around in pj’s chuggingsipping Baileys and gabbing into the wee hours just isn’t the same when you’re by yourself.
    Bonus: It’s easier on the pocketbook.

  3. Karaoke still scares the s*** out of me. It’s sort of a love/hate thing. Last year I actually got up on stage and sang a horrible, horrible rendition of ‘Macarena’ which is why the song book and I kept our distance this year.
    Bonus: I got to get my 80s groove on to those who bravely belted out classics by Wilson Phillips, Queen and The B52s.

  4. I have questionable fashion sense.
    Bonus: I have the pictures to prove it. Oh, wait…

  5. If it involves food and drink, I am SO in! Dinner full of gastronomic delights with the self-described (and hereinafter hashtagged) #pantrygirls at Richmond Station followed by dancing at the oh-so-cheesy-cougar bar, Crocodile Rock was simply perfect.
    Bonus: I met some superbly talented, funny and passionate women (see #1) not to mention Top Chef Canada winner, chef and owner of the restaurant, Carl Heinrich.

  6. A charismatic wine-maker passionate about his craft, Ed of Flat Rock Cellars, will unwittingly make me buy a lot of wine. Also, I apparently have no qualms about drinking at 10am on a Sunday morning.
    Bonus: Drinking wine at 10am. Was that not clear?

  7. I am 38, married, with four kids but I will still swoon over the very tall, instantly likable chef, Michael Smith (I am a big fan) and the charmingly witty author, Jian Ghomeshi.
    Bonus: For a gal that loves food and books, this was a celeb match made in heaven.

  8. The Saturday morning micro-sessions (and there was plenty of learning and information-sharing to be had) were like the social media version of speed dating. Still, I came away from each session with a little nugget to help me improve my presence online. Or so I hope. Having to narrow down the choices to only three sessions was tough and I was left wanting more.
    Bonus: Tanis Miller (aka Redneck Mommy). That woman kicks some serious ass.

  9. I have a great support network. Knowing my husband understood how important this weekend was to me and that he was ready to take over the craziness at home enabled me to focus on the learning and networking that BlissDom represents.
    Bonus: Dinner at Uncle Betty’s with the family after they picked me up on Sunday.
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