Warrior Dash 2013
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Recap of One Newbie’s First Foray into the World of Obstacle Course Races: Warrior Dash 2013

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I am no longer a mud race virgin! A little over two weeks ago, and as I inch closer to the big four-oh, I scratched another item off of my 2013 list of goals. I completed my first Warrior Dash in Barrie, ON, with my bestie, Laura. This was my first obstacle-course-mud-run-type race and it was wicked good fun! Even better was that all charitable donations went to SickKids.

Make no mistake, while the experience was totally fun and crossing the finish line completely exhilarating, the 5K course was not without its challenges, being constructed on a ski hill and all. And while I completed each obstacle, I realized that I have a lot of work to do to get ready for the mother of all obstacle courses, Tough Mudder, in September.

The day was beautiful: sunny but not-too-hot. Our families were there to support us. I felt a kind of nervous energy well up in the pit of my stomach. Excitement. We were among the first ones out which meant no crowding or obstacle bottlenecks. In fact, for most of the run, we were pretty much alone, the volunteers encouraging us at every turn.

Quick Stats:

  • I completed the race in 1:01:43. Had I not had to stop to retrieve my sneaker from the mud pit, untie and retie it, I’m convinced I could have come in under and hour.
  • I ranked 1359/2537 overall for the Sunday race. (Saturday had close to 9000 participants!)
  • In the women’s age 30-39 category I came in 147th.

So, overall, I’m pretty proud of myself and so happy to have been able to share this experience with my amazing friend. And while there is no doubt Laura could have cruised on ahead, she stayed with me every step of the way. She’s cool like that. Having my husband and kids there to cheer us on as we emerged from the woods, the kids running alongside yelling, “Go, Mommy!” was truly special. Also, if not for my husband, who else would have captured on video my graceful sneaker-being-suctioned-off-in-the-mud moment?

Thought I’d share a few pics of my Warrior morning (yes, morning. Which meant ixnay on the eerbay…until later.)

Ticket to run...Warrior Dash 2013

      I'm here!! Warrior Dash 2013IMG_2264Thumbs up! Warrior Dash 2013And we're out of the gate! 2013 Warrior DashFriends who jump fire together, stay together...2013 Warrior DashSeems like I'm enjoying this too much...2013 Warrior DashLast muddy hill at the 2013 Warrior DashMud. Sweat. Beer. Wait...where was the beer? 2013 Warrior DashComing in for the finish at the 2013 Warrior Dash.Stats from my first Warrior DashMy not-muddy-enough souvenirs of the 2013 Warrior Dash.

 Best cheering section ever! 2013 Warrior Dash.

How have you challenged yourself lately?

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