What do you do when your kids are exhausted after a long week of school? Netflix movie night, that's what! It really CAN be fun for the whole family. Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb was a good choice. #streamteam http://diaryofadomesticdiva.com
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Scooch Over, Summer, It’s Time for Netflix!

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How is it possible that we are already three weeks into September? How?? (Also: denial. It’s technically still summer. Even if it is for only four more days.) I mean, I was so busy being all outdoorsy and enjoying time with my family doing stuff and seeing things and visiting places that now I’m behind on all my closet-purging, closet-organizing Netflix binge-watching. And while the kids had their fair share of Scooby-Doo movies with Dad, I was usually tied up with work, which means I missed those family moments.Netflix Logo

Scooch Over, Summer

Here we are: kiddos are already two weeks into the school year and the new routine of packing lunches, checking homework and jetting off to after-school sports and activities is in full-on hustle-and-bustle mode. Suddenly, and seemingly without warning, all that quality family time seems to be fading — and quickly! With four kids, weekdays get pretty busy so it’s easy to understand why weekends become pretty sacred.

Ummm…just a wee bit excited at the new popcorn maker and snacks. Thank you, Netflix.

In the interest of full disclosure, we have been Netflix subscribers for several years — one might even say: since before it was cool. So you can imagine how excited I was to become a member of the Netflix #streamteam this year, which means I still get to talk about how much I love Netflix programming plus introduce you to some fun stuff. (Also, the kids pretty much idolize me right now. It’s amazing how far a pack of Twizzlers and a bowl of popcorn will go towards bending them to my will.)

Friday Night

Long week full of homework tears (mine included). We were all a bit tired but I thought: Hey! Let’s throw together a quick dinner and then have a movie night! (Because what else do you do when your kids are already exhausted, am I right?) I handed the kids the iPad and had them select the flick. Then we took our new popcorn popping machine for a test drive (which the kids thought was hilarious) and settled in to watch Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb (2014).


So much fun. I think my eldest, Hannah, is the only one to have seen the previous two instalments of this trilogy but it’s nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable, especially taking into account the age range of kids from 7 to 12. Fortunately, we are at the stage where we have graduated, gradually, from purely animated films — much to the delight of the older two — to ‘real people’ films when watching a movie together as a family.

In Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb, be prepared for a lot of Ben Stiller silliness and laugh-out-loud moments as his character, Larry, races against time in an epic quest to save the magic of the museum before it is gone forever. And as always, we appreciate the charm of Robin Williams.

The movie is full of slapstick — and sometimes crude (over the heads of the younger set, thankfully) — comedy. There are a few scenes where statues, dinosaur skeletons and a multi-headed snake come to life; scenes which might be frightening to younger children, though my 7-year old daughter handled it well, and she is usually the one to hit the ground running at the slightest hint of a scary scene.

The kids all gave it a thumbs-up. But in case this doesn’t fit the bill, Netflix has a huge selection of family-friendly movies.

More Must-See Movies for the Whole Family

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What will you be watching?

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