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Weighty Issues: Most of us battle them, but here is how one 40-something mom of four committed to #fit40s using these 5 Simple Tools. Read more at
Weighty Issues — Talking the talk and walking the walk.
The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto has completely transformed my approach to health and fitness — mind, body and soul.
An open letter to my daughter
Mothers and daughters is one of the most special and complex relationships. Ever.
Everything I ever needed to know about social media I learned playing Cards Against Humanity at Blissdom Canada.
Because what’s a social media conference without a friendly round of CAH?
I looked everywhere and finally found this recipe for authentic, truly traditional, Spanish churros with chocolate. And the video that goes with it is pretty comical. #churros #churrosconchocolate #Spanishchurros #recipe #cincodemayo
An authentic Spanish churro recipe with a YouTube video that’ll have you laugh-crying. Or maybe that’s just me.