The not-so-bummer summer.
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Two Weeks In and This Summer Already Kicks Ass

Pardon my bold title, but if you were hanging out here at this time last year then you would have seen something like this:

6 Signs Your Child May Have Appendicitis
June 28, 2014: X-man after his emergency surgery: appendicitis did not really suit him.

Followed by this:

The summer of broken things.
July 9, 2014: Not one to be outdone, I landed my own trip to Emerg for a nasty-ass elbow break.

Yes,┬áthat was just in the first eleven days after school let out for summer. And don’t even get me started on the weather. The summer of 2014, with the exception of our super fun road trip to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in August, was a totally horrible, terrible, no good, very bad, bummer summer.

Seriously, the trips to the fracture clinic continued on into September when X-man fractured his wrist on the third day of school. Technically, still summer.

The summer of discontent.
Sept. 4, 2014: My kids get way, WAY too excited when they get casts on.

Fast forward a year

Dare I say it, in the two weeks since school ended, we haven’t had to go to the hospital emergency room once! Not ONCE! Can I get a high five?

We are totally rocking this summer vacation thing.

Instead of hospital visits, we’ve been doing a little of this:

The not-so-bummer summer.
Polar bears need saving and these two are on the case.

and this:

The not-so-bummer summer.
Volunteers actually give their time to prep hundreds of Canada Day craft projects. I bow to them.

We’ve also been getting sweaty:

Sweating with the oldie.
Meet my new running partner. (Well, for that one time, anyway.)
Sweating with the oldie.
And my new walking companion (the running did NOT go over well.)

And wet:

Pool weather is the best kind of weather.
Swimming lessons are going — well — swimmingly.
Pool weather is the best kind of weather.
Watch me! Watch me! Watch me! (Never gets old).

We’ve taken the library by storm:

The not-so-bummer summer.
“I can do it, Mommy!” Watch out, Library, Miss Independent be checkin’ out her books all on her own, yo.

And spent birthday money.

The not-so-bummer summer.
A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Especially when it’s with birthday money. At Mastermind.

We’ve dined on surf…

The not-so-bummer summer.
This is how we do dinner.

and turf.

The not-so-bummer summer.
Gourmet lunch at Mickey Dees.

We’ve spat out sunflower seeds under the bleachers, like a boss…

The not-so-bummer summer.
Watching baseball. OBviously.

And felt our brains explode.

The not-so-bummer summer.
This is your brain. This is your brain on a popsicle. BRAIN FREEZE.

We got the best seats in the house for the July 1st fireworks:

The not-so-bummer summer.
Prime real estate for watching the fireworks. The mosquitoes thought so, too.

And again at the Minions movie. But everyone know the best part is rehashing all the funniest scenes on the walk home.

The not-so-bummer summer.

And we haven’t even hit the cottage yet.

So basically, there’s still a chance this summer could go┬ásideways. Nothing a bottle of wine and a dozen S’mores won’t fix, though.

Erica writes with humour and heart about family, #fit40s and living life in the carpool lane. Part-time banker by day and Netflix-addicted-cake-decorator by night, Erica's in-between time is spent dreaming up ways to ruin her kids' lives. Obviously.

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