Every night is girls' night with the June 2017 line-up on Netflix Canada. #streamteam #partner
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Chill out this June with Netflix Canada

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It may have only been three o’clock in the afternoon, but I had hit a wall. Another sip of that coffee-that-had-been-reheated-one-too-many-times had me wishing there was something a little stronger in my mug. Which, in turn, reminded me of last night’s woeful attempt at “encouraging responsibility” in my 8-year old.

I don’t want to hear, “It’s not fair,” one more time. You’re not going to bed until all your clothes are hung up!

Cue the tears. His and mine.

Cue the Netflix. And the wine.

From Originals to old faves, see what's streaming on Netflix Canada for the month
When you’ve had a bad day.

When You’ve Had a Bad Day

Tonight was a less vocal variation but it still got me right in the feels. Because, contrary to what kids might think, we parents do not get some innate satisfaction out of reinforcing consequences. However, I am a firm believer in following through which, tonight, resulted in my son missing his beloved baseball game.

Parents go into ultimate survival mode in June — just as kids go into ultimate meltdown mode. I felt frustrated and sad. There was no victorious fist-pumping moment. Just some quiet reflection afterwards where I tried to impart my decades-old wisdom on him as he snuggled next to me.

Respect, kindness and responsibility, buddy. These will carry over to all aspects of your life and make you a better person, friend and teammate. But it all starts here.

You never know when or how these messages are actually going to stick, but you keep trying. So, after tempers have settled and tears have been kissed away, you vow to do better next time. (Because we all know there will be a next time.)

Mamas, there is no Parenting 101 handbook here. We are all just doing our best and sometimes our best is tucking our kids into bed through a haze of tears. Not gonna lie, I’ve found that sometimes the best way to shake off the remains of such a no good, horrible, very bad day is to pour a glass of wine and indulge in a little Netflix therapy. And since I just sobbed my way through the last episode of Downton Abbey, the Netflix Canada June line-up couldn’t have come at a better time.

Don’t Let June Be the Boss of You

We all have those less-than-stellar parenting moments. Chances are, as the school year winds down, summer sports ramp up and exhaustion sets in there are bound to be more. The trick to surviving those moments is knowing when to take a time out for you.

For me, that means getting in my daily workout and a good run or walk after the kids have left for school. If I can find the time I’ll do a little reading before they get home. But at night, whether it’s with a glass of wine on the couch or a cup of tea in bed, Netflix is all the therapy I need to relax and recharge.

June, I’m coming for you.

From Originals to old faves, see what's streaming on Netflix Canada for the month of June 2017. #streamteam
Every night is girls’ night with the June 2017 line-up on Netflix Canada.


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