Ten-yr old cuts hair to donate to Angel Hair for Kids
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When Kids Do Awesome Stuff: My Daughter Sheds her Locks for Angel Hair for Kids

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Ten-year old sheds her locks to donate to Angel Hair for Kids

My daughter. I’m so proud. She asked me not to make a big deal of this, after all, she is hardly the first, but I’m sharing her moment of selflessness, regardless (since these moments are fleeting at the ‘me, me, me’ stage of a pre-teen.)

She required no prompting. My daughter decided, about three years ago, that she wanted to grow her hair for a cause. Hannah is no stranger to cancer; she is aware that my mother fought a two-year battle with ovarian cancer before she died in 1998. While Hannah never met her grandmother and was not there to witness her deterioration, family photos show the toll it took on her physically. Yes, my mom inevitably lost her hair and, yes, she wore a wig.

Through our research, we found that the organization, A Child’s Voice Foundation, encourages Canadians to donate their hair in order to create real-hair wigs for individuals who are undergoing cancer treatment. This can be monumental in improving the self-esteem of a person who has lost their hair.

After some discussion, Hannah chose to donate to Angel Hair for Kids, a program of A Child’s Voice Foundation, and lopped off the minimum twelve inches. She is thrilled that her donation will be used to create a wig specifically for a child at no cost to the family. And she is already planning to do it again! (Which is worthy of a fundraiser I’d say, if I can convince her.)


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