Seems until there's snow on the ground, my kids dress like it's summer. How do you get your kids to transition to winter-weather clothes without tears? Read how Erica does it here:
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Winter Weather Woes: When Kids and Cold Collide

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I do not like to be cold. Not even a little.

It’s a wonder, then, that I survived junior high and high school during the frigid East Coast winters of the ’80s and early 90s — a time when being cool meant being cold because, like idiots, we walked around with our winter jackets wide open, bare hands shoved up into our sleeves, shivering. Thankfully, by university, comfort once more reigned supreme and so it didn’t matter what one sported as long as one was warm.

Seems until there's snow on the ground, my kids dress like it's summer. How do you get your kids to transition to winter-weather clothes without tears? Read how Erica does it here:

So now I have these kids — I may have chatted about them once or twice before — I have these kids whose cold-weather comfort means very different things given their different ages. So I noted, with some amusement, how they dressed for this morning’s chilly -2ºC walk to the bus stop. Under a crisp blue sky, a thin — almost translucent — cap of snow resting on the grass and rooftops and sneaky patches of ice dotting the sidewalks, we set off.

The 12-Year Old Tween

I’m so thankful this girl is not (yet) hung up on brand labels (though we have bought her the odd ‘nice’ thing of our own accord); however, she is not immune to peer fashion trends which, for all intents and purposes, are pretty much the same now as they were in 1986 except with better hair.

Today’s cold-weather outfit was her new winter jacket which doesn’t even cover her rear (blaming this purchase on her dad). Anyway, she picked out the jacket and now complains it’s too puffy.

(It’s not.)

Seriously. I mean, the hood on my coat could eat her entire jacket for breakfast.

At least she wore it — zipped up, even — though, sans mittens or gloves, obviously. Eighties children, fear not, for our sense of fashion has not been completely lost: bare hands were shoved up into the sleeves! But, no, she wasn’t cold.

Also, she wore a hat! Actually, it was more: she had a hat on top of her head! I believe this is only because toques are “in”; however, they must be worn just so. Honestly, her hair did a better job of covering her ears and half of her face. I mean, if she so much as thinks of sneezing, that hat will go flying. But, at least she wore it had it on.

And she wore boots. They’re the Payless Uggs knock-offs, but she wore them.

The Other Three

Why, yes, I have lumped together my twin 7-year olds and my 9-year old son. Why? Because they couldn’t care less. The only cold-weather problem I’ve run into with this trio is that after the unseasonably balmy temperatures the first two weeks of November — yes, we busted out shorts — now that the thermometer has dipped, they are in a bit of denial.

However, with every last hat, boot and mitt labeled, they busily donned their winter gear and headed out the door with nary a word.

That is, until this afternoon when, with my luck, the temperature will jump 15 degrees and they’ll all come home complaining that they’re SO HOT as they pile their jackets into my waiting arms for the walk home.

THAT is the one thing all four will agree upon.

Got any winter weather woes you’d like to share? Comment below! I’d love to commiserate.


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