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Erica, the voice behind Erica Blogs (formerly Diary of a Domestic Diva), speaks candidly with humour and heart. If good, quality writing matters to you and you seek an authentic personality to represent your brand, contact Erica to see how, together, you can bring value to each other.

In committing her time only to projects that are a natural fit, brands and companies can be confident knowing that by collaborating with Erica, they will receive her fullest attention and enthusiasm along with an authentic voice and engaged audience. This way Erica can continue to provide fun and entertaining content seamlessly, without sacrificing the essence of this space, in a way that will keep her readers coming back for more.

Before it became Erica Blogs in July 2017, Diary of a Domestic Diva was created by Erica Gomez in May 2005 and has been actively social since October 2010. Having successfully gained nearly 2,500 Twitter followers, close to 500 Facebook fans, more than 1,000 Instagram followers and over 600 Pinterest followers, it continues to grow its online influence and reach in the U.S., Canada and beyond.

Additionally, Erica Blogs receives between 2,200-3,000 unique visitors each month and is a YouTube partner with 274 active subscribers and over 258K channel views.

You can view an up-to-date copy of Erica’s Media Kit here.

What has Erica Blogs been up to?

Life-saving gifts

Past Campaigns:

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“Hi, Erica,

THANK YOU for all that you’ve done to support mothers and children around the world. Your Survival Gifts blog really did make a difference – and we’re very grateful that amazing women like you are helping us to save lives, empower families and create opportunities for generations to come.”  – Andrea, UNICEF Canada


Both Kathy and I read your post and it’s perfect the way it is. You really hit the nail on the head with the tween girls feeling uncomfortable in their bodies at this age. I loved the way you managed through it.” — Wendy,

How can your company be featured on Erica Blogs?

With an estimated reach of over 7,900 across multiple social media platforms, Erica has the ability to share her experience with your brand on several levels.

Events & Sponsorships

Are you interested in reaching a growing and engaged audience? As an influencer in social media, Erica has attended events in order to expand her knowledge of the social media industry, cover content and share information. She has participated in events with Yummy Mummy Club, attended the Blissdom Canada conference for four years and was invited to the first Felicity [Wo]man Cave event in 2015 and again in 2016.

Product Reviews & Giveaways

A product review or comparison, such as PAM cooking spray vs a competitor, is a great way to bring renewed interest of your brand or product to the thousands of unique visitors Erica Blogs gets each month. A written blog post will be published within eight weeks of receipt of product. This is a fun, inexpensive, direct-to-audience way to obtain exposure for your product or service. All product reviews are respectful and honest and all thoughts and opinions are strictly those of the writer. (Erica will decline any offers of products that are an ill fit for her or her audience.) 

A giveaway, like the one recently published as part of the Netflix Canada #streamteam, is also an excellent way to get your product noticed and increase your online presence and rate of exposure. To enter giveaways, participants are encouraged to subscribe to newsletters, ‘tweet’ on Twitter, ‘like’ on Facebook, ‘follow’ on Pinterest/Instagram and comment or blog about your company and products. This is a great way to increase your social network presence and generate buzz around your product and brand. How you continue to interact with this audience post-program will decidedly affect the brand’s staying power.

  • A standard size product (i.e. not sample size) may be shipped to Erica Blogs (address will be provided).
  • Products will not be returned.
  • Erica Blogs will not be responsible for any shipping or duty costs.
  • Giveaway prizes are to be shipped directly to the winner by the sponsor.

Yes, ads are welcome! Do you want your company to be noticed by thousands of visitors as soon as they land on Great! Both ‘premium’ (above the page fold) and ‘regular’ (right-hand sidebar) ad spaces are available. Only four ads will be accepted at a time, and ads will be on every single page of the Erica Blogs website. *Discounts are available for purchasing more than one month at a time. Please contact Erica directly via email for complete list of rates and package options.

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